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  • Marinated Raw Salad

    My friend, has just lost 25 pounds and looks great. She attributes her success to a marinated, raw salad every night — just a tasty mix of raw vegetables and olives. Chopped and tossed with a very vinegary vinaigrette. Lots of cauliflower. Packed with flavor and a perfect kick of vinegar and spice. As much […]...more

  • Moroccan Lentils with Carrots and Golden Raisins

    Meatless Monday! As if … going without meat one measly day a week is a big deal. Seriously? So Monday is the one day of the week that collectively, we go a bit off the grid and take some baby steps toward doing the thing. Not a sacrifice. And speaking of broadened horizons, I’ve come […]...more

  • Moroccan Carrot Apple Soup

    For a fleeting moment this afternoon, the term, Nihil Obstat, ran through my head — an old-school Catholic declaration at the beginning of books and the like of “no obstacles.” While I have long since given up on trying to understand what enters my stream of consciousness, it occurred to me later in the day […]...more